July 29th, 2020 × #meteor#javascript#webdev

Meteor's 2nd Life

Discussion with Meteor evangelist Felipe Nivola on Meteor's acquisition, the state of Meteor today, and what's coming up for the platform.


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk with Filipe Névola about Meteor and the exciting things happening in the Meteor world!

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Show Notes

01:20 - What is your background?

03:41 - What exactly is Meteor?

12:00 - What are the biggest misconceptions of modern meteor?

18:20 - What do you say to people who think Meteor is dead?

21:33 - How does data get from your Meteor into your React app?

  • Example of getting data on client side
import { useTracker } from 'meteor/react-meteor-data'

// Hook, basic use, everything in one component
const MyProtectedPage = (pageId) => {
  const { user, isLoggedIn, page } = useTracker(() => {
    // The publication must also be secure
    const subscription = Meteor.subscribe('page', pageId)
    const page = Pages.findOne({ _id: pageId })
    const user = Meteor.user()
    const userId = Meteor.userId()
    const isLoggingIn = Meteor.loggingIn()
    return {
      isLoading: !subscription.ready(),
      isLoggedIn: !!userId
  }, [pageId])
  if (!isLoggedIn) {
    return <div>
      <Link to="/register">Create an Account</Link>
      <Link to="/login">Log in</Link>
  return <div>
    <a href="#" onClick={(e) => { e.preventDefault(); Meteor.logout(); }}>Log out ({user.username})</a>

27:50 - What do you think is the ideal usecase for Meteor?

31:09 - Why did Meteor 1.0 fail to maintain hype?

36:41 - What does Meteor's future look like?

45:27 - Are there any plans to integrate serverless into Meteor?

46:55 - Any little known features of Meteor that people might be interested in?


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