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11 Habits of Highly Effective Developers

Wes and Scott discuss 11 habits that can help developers become more effective, covering topics like understanding business goals, continuous learning, having an open mindset, asking for help, helping others, enjoying development, maintaining balance, showing empathy, attention to detail, and being part of the developer community.


Today, Scott and Wes dive into the 11 habits of effective web developers, from understanding stakeholder goals to maintaining a work-life balance. We'll explore the importance of continuous learning, having a problem-solver mentality, and being empathetic towards coworkers and users—let's get into it!

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
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    • 01:24 Denver weather is something else.
  • 02:15 Habit #1: You understand stakeholder and business goals.
  • 05:34 Habit #2: You're curious and always learning.
  • 07:43 Habit #3: You have an open mind about new technology.
  • 11:29 Habit #4: You ask for help.
  • 13:43 Habit #5: You help others.
    • 16:51 Chicken drumsticks.
  • 17:35 Habit #6: You have a "problem solver" mentality.
  • 26:02 Habit #7: You have fun with what you do.
  • 29:56 Habit #8: You understand work-life balance.
  • 33:18 Habit #9: You are empathetic to your co-workers and users.
  • 37:19 Habit #10: You pay attention to detail.
  • 41:18 Habit #11: You're part of the community.
  • 45:55 Sick Picks + Shameless Plugs.

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