October 4th, 2021 × #php#javascript#webdev

Hasty Treat - Spicy Takeout - PHP Is Good and We’re Just Re-Creating It

Wes and Scott discuss the merits of PHP and how modern JavaScript frameworks are reinventing many of its features like mixing logic and templates, hot reloading, and more.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about how much modern web development has taken from PHP!

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Show Notes

03:56 - Why much of modern web development is just recreating PHP

  • Everyone loves to hate on PHP, but modern Web dev takes a lot from PHP

05:44 - Mixing templating and logic

  • We do this with JSX

07:39 - Each request has its own scope

08:57 - Massive standard lib

  • Format a date? No sweat!
  • Image resizing? Sure!
  • Audio bindings? Sure!

10:16 - URL-based routing

  • Next.js pages
  • Serverless functions

11:13 - Server-rendered

11:38 - $_GET, $_POST, are just available

12:29 - Variable interpolation

12:59 - All-in-one frameworks

13:32 - Direct DB access

  • SQL statements

14:37 - Why do people hate PHP?

  • WordPress
  • Inconsistent API
  • Their first code was PHP and they sucked
  • PHP has come a long way
  • It used to not be safe
  • Blocking by default - no async/await

17:48 - Why is JS still better?

  • Shared code between frontend and backend
  • Single language
  • Huge ecosystem (could be a con)

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