July 20th, 2020 × #turbolinks#performance#server-side

Hasty Treat - Turbolinks + Server Generated HTML + JS Sprinkles

Overview of Turbolinks for fast page loads using server-generated HTML and discussion of integration with JavaScript frameworks.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about turbolinks — what it is, how to use is, popular apps using is, and more!

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Show Notes

02:50 - What is turbolinks?

  • Generate HTML on the server
  • Send it over the ajax request
  • Load it in the page

03:55 - Who is using Turbolinks?

05:24 - Turbo Links javascript browser bundle

  • Intercepts any link click
  • Fetches the page HTML

09:19 - JS Sprinkles

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