April 19th, 2021 × #css#container queries#web development

Hasty Treat - Container Queries Are Here

Discussion of the new CSS container queries feature recently added to Chrome Canary. Details on syntax, usage, why needed, resize observer issues, contain property, inline/block sizes, logical properties, best practices, and trying it out today.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about CSS container queries, what they are and how to use them.

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Show Notes

07:22 - Why?

  • Container queries are media queries for components (e.g. they are based on the element's size, not the browser).
  • This is in line with how we write components.
  • It will change the way we write CSS.

08:49 - The Syntax

  • Containers need to be defined as containers via containment context
.container {
  contain: size layout;

New contain value:

.inline-container {
  contain: inline-size;

This is the same as the logical properties. Assuming you read LTR, or RTL:

  • size - width and height
  • inline-size = width
  • block-size = height
/* @container <container-query-list> { <stylesheet> } */
@container (inline-size > 45em) {
  .media-object {
    grid-template: "img content" auto / auto 1fr;

18:49 - How to try them today

  1. Download and/or update Chrome Canary
  2. Go to chrome://flags
  3. Search and enable "CSS Container Queries"
  4. Restart the browser

19:27 - Demos

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