March 24th, 2021 × #Web Development#Careers#Portfolios#Critiques

Syntax Highlight (We Review Your Portfolio)

Scott and Wes provide portfolio feedback for developers looking for jobs. They review designs, code, content and accessibility. They also discuss explosive gases, VR mini golf, and guess the location games.


It's another Syntax Highlight. In this episode, Scott and Wes take a look at portfolios and websites and evaluate them from the perspective of a hiring manager.

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Show Notes

04:50 - https://shaquilhansford.com/

  • Not optimized for desktop
  • Lots of spacing issues overall
  • Too many accordions - could be lists in multiple columns
  • Social links could be in the footer
  • Twitter is on point - iwantyoutohire.me
  • Phone number on website is good

11:31 - https://www.benlammers.dev/

  • Gimmy dat yellow
  • The design and polish is really good
  • Data URI images can overload CPU
  • Semantic headings, but HTML should use some work
    • Four H1s on the page
    • 20 H2s
    • 40 H3s
    • Main tag

20:28 - https://www.zubairaziz.com/

  • Lots of empty space
  • Photo is key
  • Not sure what to do when I land on the page
  • Blog is nice, but two posts from May - add more or drop it
  • Portfolio is just enough
  • Nav animation should only happen on initial load

29:39 - https://codebyfil.dev/

  • This is a great example of something that is good, but needs a bit of polish
  • Tone down the border radius
  • Tone down the box shadow
    • Border and drop shadow
  • Images aren't links
  • Footer padding or space - contact is ridding the bottom
  • Scott's HTML breakdown
    • Four H1s
    • Six H2s
    • Four H3s
    • 18 H4s
    • Five H5s

37:39 - https://www.johngeorgesample.com/

  • Clean but maybe too clean
  • Nav is too distractingly too big
  • Need active link indicator in main nav
  • div div div div - take a look at those semantic HTML tags
    • No H1 or H2
    • HTML needs work brother
  • Use × instead of X
  • Asterisk doesn't work on mobile

46:52 - https://stordahl.dev/

  • Great images
  • Nice typography
  • Sign-up for newsletter is great
  • Store = A+
  • Scott's HTML breakdown
    • Two H1s, one of which is just nice to meet you
    • Zero H2s
    • Articles should be articles
    • No section
  • 1px move on hover is nice - could use a transition


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