March 22nd, 2021 × #graphql#tooling#codegeneration

Hasty Treat - Effortless Custom GraphQL with GraphQL Codegen

Scott and Wes discuss GraphQL code generation tools like GraphQL Code Generator and Pericles that can generate typed code, React hooks, forms, and more from GraphQL schemas.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about GraphQL tooling, and specifically a couple tools we use that will change your experience with GraphQL.

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Show Notes

03:38 - What is it?

04:34 - What can it do?

  • Generate React hooks for any of the major player Apollo client (urql)
  • Types for the full stack — resolvers, mutations

07:49 - How we use it

  • Generate a schema file to keep client and server in sync in mono repo
  • Creates all React Hooks
  • Generates all types for both resolvers, and anything client-side

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