June 12th, 2019 ×

Debugging Tools + Tips


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about debugging — tools, techniques, and the mindset needed to debug a problem and get through it as quickly as possible.

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Show Notes

1:41 - Tools

21:49 - Network requests

  • Doesn't take place in your site/dom, so might not always have all info in your console, debugger
  • Network tab in dev tools shows you all requests going in and out of your app
  • Filters by type, sees length in request
  • Sees headers, responses and more
  • Failed requests will be red

26:50 - Debugging mindset

  • Check different browsers
  • Check the docs/examples
  • Isolate when possible
  • "What has changed?"
  • Get minimal working code
  • Rubber Duck Debug
  • Step back and re-think


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