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What's New in Web Development


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about what's new in web development: new promise static methods, new CSS functions, PWAs and more!

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Show Notes

5:38 - New Promise static methods

  • Promise.all
  • Promise.race()
  • Promise.allSettled()
  • Promise.any()

10:16 - Lazy loading images

14:25 CSS Houdini aka JS in CSS

20:32 - Subgrid

24:31 - Native modules in browser

  • type="module"
  • dynamic import()

27:08 - Node Native Modules update

29:17 - PWA install app and Google PlayStore

  • Already shipped in Chrome
  • Java API that communicates through services with Chrome
  • Trusted Web Activity aka TWA
  • All content in TWAs must comply with Play store policy including policies for payments in-app purchases and other digital goods
  • Already existing TWAs include Twitter Lite, Google Maps Go, Instagram Lite
  • Passing the PWA Criteria
  • Performance Score with a minimum of 80/100, tested with Lighthouse
  • All current Google Play Store rules

35:49 - CSS Scroll Snap

  • In many browsers already
  • scroll-padding

38:17 - Aspect Ratio Unit

39:32 - CSS nesting

  • Disallows cross-domain cookies unless on the same domain/subdomain


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