June 21st, 2024 × #react#nextjs#vercel

What’s Next for Next.js with Tim Neutkens

Discussion with Tim Neutkens from Vercel about new React features like the React Compiler, React Server Components, and tools like Next.js and TurboPack.


Scott and Wes dive into the world of Next.js with special guest Tim Neutkens from Vercel. They explore the latest updates, including the React Compiler and React Server Components, discussing their impact on developer workflows and the future of Next.js development.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 00:30 What does the React Compiler do?
  • 05:04 Will React Compiler help with managing Context?
  • 06:39 What happens if you're not using a React Compiler?
  • 09:30 Will this work on any NextJS version?
  • 12:18 What are React Server Components?
  • 16:28 Shipping all the data inside an encapsulated component.
  • 20:17 Clearing up the frustrations around retrofitting server components.
  • 23:13 Handing migration.
  • 28:30 Is this just a fetch request with props?
  • 36:41 How closely are the NextJS and React teams working?
  • 41:53 Will we ever get Async Client Components?
  • 43:52 Async Local Storage API.
  • 45:31 Turbopack.
  • 57:51 Sick Picks & Shameless Plugs.

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