April 19th, 2024 × #web-components#ui-frameworks#open-source

Web Awesome with Konnor Rogers + Cory LaViska

Corey Laviska, creator of Shoelace, and Connor Rogers, Shoelace contributor, discuss reinventing Shoelace as Web Awesome under the Font Awesome umbrella. They talk about the Font Awesome Kickstarter success, wanting to avoid framework churn, and building Web Awesome as an open source UI library focused on web components.


Font Awesome is back with Web Awesome, an open source library of web components that will work with any framework because it’s based on standards. Today on Syntax we have Konnor Rogers and Cory LaViska here to talk all things Web Awesome.

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  • Cory: Kickstarter
  • Konnor: Everyone involved in open UI

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