April 8th, 2024 × #caching#webdev#performance

Cache Ruins Everything Around Me

Discussion about cache invalidation issues when caching user-specific data, solutions like using different URLs, partial caching, edge functions, and drawbacks like flash of unstyled content.


Scott and Wes dive into the cache problem, tackling user-specific data and caching security. From marketing A/B testing to content negotiation, they explore various challenges and solutions, including different URL/query parameters, edge logic, and client-side caching.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 01:22 Syntax is on YouTube.
  • 02:16 Let's talk about the cache problem.
  • 03:33 User-specific data and caching security.
  • 06:27 Why might this pop up?
    • 06:29 Marketing A/B testing - cookie based.
    • 06:55 User-selected features - such as themes.
    • 06:58 Language or geo-based items - accept language.
    • 07:11 Images - WebP for some browsers, jpg for others.
    • 07:45 JSON/HTML based on accept header.
    • 08:17 Different encoding.
  • 08:26 Content negotiation.
  • 08:54 The solutions.
    • 09:04 Provide different URLs/Query parameter.
    • 11:19 Don’t cache the page, cache the data based on query.
    • 15:01 Implement a “Cache Key” - one render for every option.
    • Netlify
    • Fastly
    • Cloudflare
    • 18:17 Use edge logic.
    • 19:52 Just do it client-side.

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