March 29th, 2024 × #ecommerce#shopify#webdev

Coding Shopify with Anne and Trudy of Design Packs

Anne and Trudy discuss their backgrounds working with Shopify and building their app Design Packs which adds sections and templates to Shopify themes.


Scott and Wes are joined by special guests Trudy MacNabb and Anne Thomas from Design Packs, diving into the nitty-gritty of Shopify design. Tune in as they dissect the pros and cons, challenges, and unveil their daily toolkit for crafting stunning Shopify websites.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 00:59 Who is Anne Thomas?
  • 02:30 Who is Trudy MacNabb?
  • 04:06 Shopify themes, how does one build a theme?
  • 05:34 Do you have enough control with LiquidJS?
  • 07:52 Changing components of a liquid template.
  • 08:58 LiquidJS improving their dev tools.
  • 09:29 LiquidJS email marketing.
  • 10:32 Can you make your own LiquidJS methods?
  • Too Many Tabs
  • 11:34 How would you create a theme from scratch using modern tools?
  • 13:30 What about local dev and live reload?
  • Shopify Tools CLI
  • 15:17 Is Shopify improving?
  • 17:13 What do you hate about Shopify themes?
  • Shopify Tools Theme Kit
  • 18:59 Have you used Hydrogen?
  • Shopify Hydrogen
  • 20:09 Headless has sacrifices.
  • 22:02 Are people building full websites in Shopify?
  • 23:56 Apps and integrations.
  • 25:56 Are people creating businesses around these integrations?
  • 29:16 What are design packs?
  • 31:26 Do you run your own servers?
  • 31:57 How does billing work with clients?
  • 33:18 Apps being 'Sherlocked'.
  • 'Sherlocking' Explained
  • 35:21 Where is the data stored?
  • 36:35 Can you make a custom UI?
  • 38:40 What are the downsides of building apps on Shopify?
  • 39:17 Are you expected to maintain versions?
  • 40:46 Do you manage all the support independently?
  • 42:01 How do you match with their existing themes?
  • 43:54 What are the most popular blocks?
  • 45:17 Does Shopify provide bundlers or compilers?
  • 46:47 Shopify moving to blocks.
  • 47:38 Living as a digital nomad.
  • Syntax Episode 586 on Nomad Developing
  • 49:48 A new app Anne and Trudy launched.
  • 51:35 Limited by block size.
  • 54:08 Sick Picks + Shameless Plugs.

Sick Picks

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