February 23rd, 2024 × #HTMX#WebDevelopment#JavaScript

HTMX Web Apps with Carson Gross

Carson Gross, creator of HTMX, discusses its origins, performance characteristics, integration with various backends, upcoming version 2, his Twitter antics, and desire for less tribalism among web developers.


Scott and Wes welcome HTMX creator Carson Gross to discuss the versatile applications and optimal scenarios for using HTMX, alongside insights into its creation and evolution. Join us as we explore the future prospects and improvements as we look towards HTMX 2.0.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
  • 00:52 Brought to you by Sentry.io
  • 02:22 Who is Carson Gross?
  • BigSkySoftware GitHub
  • BigSkySoftware
  • 03:53 What exactly is HTMX?
  • htmx.org
  • htmx.org/examples
  • 07:04 What made you want to create something like HTMX?
  • intercooler.js
  • 10:01 Would HTML look more like HTMX if we were to rebuild it today?
  • 12:54 Isn't HTMX a step backward into old-school AJAX?
  • 16:09 When would you avoid using HTMX?
  • 17:56 Does HTMX put an unnecessary load on the server?
  • 21:46 What are your thoughts on rendering everything on the server?
  • 26:29 What is your favorite stack?
  • 28:49 Things that are lost moving to the JavaScript framework world.
  • 30:16 HTMX coupling your front end and back end.
  • 32:28 How do you feel about web components?
  • 33:40 What are the big templating engines and your top pick?
  • HTMX Essays
  • 36:33 Object-oriented HTML.
  • 37:38 Is there an offline story or a “local-first” story for HTMX?
  • 38:44 What does the future of HTMX look like given its rise in popularity?
  • 40:03 HTMX and X (Twitter).
  • Syntax Show 726
  • HTMX on X
  • 42:30 The Microsoft story.
  • 45:26 Carson's thoughts on de-escalating the language around HTMX.
  • 47:44 Sick Picks + Shameless Plugs.

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