January 12th, 2024 × #nodejs#performance#optimization

JS Perf Wins & New Node.js Features with Yagiz Nizipli

Yagiz Nizipli discusses Node.js performance improvements he has contributed, optimization techniques, complexities around URLs and factors enabling future TypeScript support.


Yagiz Nizipli talks about his involvement with Node.js, implementing .env, how he finds areas to improve in performance, the happy path vs the hot path, and new features coming to Node.js.

Show Notes

  • 00:32 Welcome
  • 01:01 Introducing Yagiz Nizipli
  • 02:21 What is your involvement in Node.js?
  • 03:27 Implementing .env
  • 07:03 Why was 20,000 lines of C required?
  • 11:00 How do you begin to find performance issues?
  • 15:17 How do you measure improvements?
  • 26:27 The happy path vs the hot path
  • 27:36 Is Rspack ready for prime time?
  • RSpack
  • 28:47 Bundle Size VS runtime perf? Whats more important?
  • 30:51 What's it like working on a large project like Node?
  • 38:26 Will Node ever get TypeScript support?
  • 40:22 What are loaders?
  • 44:24 Node.js is getting a config file?
  • 51:37 Sick Picks

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