December 13th, 2023 × #css#javascript#interview

Stump'd JS + CSS Interview Questions

Wes and Scott ask each other tricky web development interview questions covering topics like CSS layout, JavaScript, accessibility, and more.


In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott try to stump each other with JavaScript and CSS interview style questions including CSS contain, naming the 7 parts of Houdini, what ARIA stands for, 5 limitations of serverless, and more.

Show Notes

  • 00:25 Welcome
  • 01:31 Syntax Brought to you by Sentry
  • 02:01 Explain CSS Contain and why it exists?
  • 07:27 In CSS Grid, how would I make a grid of 3 equal columns with 20 pixels between them?
  • Wes Bos on X: 🔥 A visual guide to getting equal width columns in CSS Grid / X
  • 10:31 Which of the following elements are fake?
  • 13:00 Which of the following HTML tags are deprecated?
  • 16:38 What is the samp element?
  • 17:27 Name the 7 parts of CSS Houdini
  • 21:07 In JavaScript for loop with 10 items, how can you exit a loop early?
  • 22:34 What is the difference between a pseudo-element and a pseudo-class?
  • 25:59 How could you implement CSS :has with JavaScript?
  • 27:56 What are two attributes that would make an SVG more accessible?
  • 29:43 How can you stop your process from exiting if you have an unhandled rejection?
  • 32:27 How do you prevent flex children from getting squished?
  • 34:40 In TypeScript, what does using keyof and typeof together do?
  • 37:19 What does ARIA stand for?
  • 37:39 Name 5 limitations that a serverless or edge function have over traditional long-running servers?
  • 40:38 Write an item using Flex code, not grow to fill its container, or shrink, and the item will take up only the space based on its content size.
  • 42:03 If I'm building an application that needs to announce a change to the user, how would I do that?
  • 43:46 Name the 5 different getElement methods on a document?
  • 45:39 What does the CSS perspective property do?
  • 48:23 Sick picks

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