October 27th, 2023 × #Content Creation#Web Development#React#AI

Jason Lengstorf on Live Streaming, Creating Content, and Building a Studio Space

Jason Langsdorf discusses his new studio setup, thoughts on AI, the React ecosystem, and keys to creating engaging content consistently.


In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Jason Lengstorf about his journey in video creation, live streaming, and tech education. What's up with Jason's new studio? How does he prep for a live stream?

Show Notes

  • 00:32 Welcome
  • 02:21 Syntax Brought to you by Sentry
  • 02:39 Who is Jason Lengstorf?
  • 05:43 Why did you decide to go full time on Learn with Jason?
  • 10:04 Jason's new YouTube series idea
  • 13:36 Jason gets a special delivery
  • 14:30 What's in Jason's new studio?
  • 20:14 What's the ideal medium for content in 2023?
  • 24:28 Treat decisions as forever, for now.
  • 26:01 Is live streaming as difficult to get into as it seems?
  • 29:21 How do you prepare for a live stream?
  • 32:58 How do you decide what to create?
  • 38:23 How do you feel about React?
  • 40:21 What are your thoughts on AI?
  • 49:08 Supper Club questions
  • 56:25 Sick Picks

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