May 24th, 2023 × #React#Astro#Svelte#CSS#Tooling

Potluck × JR Devs & Copilot × CSS Variable Limitations × SvelteKit

In this episode, Wes and Scott answer listener questions on topics like using SvelteKit with Astro, what can be put in CSS custom properties, driving code quality on a team, and working with deprecated dependencies in React Native. They also share picks.


In this potluck episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott answer your questions about not becoming dependent on Copilot, CSS variable limitations, finding Sick Picks, lodash hate, and more!

Show Notes

  • 00:11 Welcome
  • 00:55 Ice, ice baby
  • 02:01 Reactathon
  • Reactathon returns May 2-3, 2023
  • The edge cloud platform behind the best of the web | Fastly
  • 04:49 Submit your question for our next potluck
  • 05:24 How do you suggest adding form / database to Svelte?
  • Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps
  • Astro
  • 08:18 What can't go into a CSS custom prop?
  • 12:42 Are there any really good certifications for Javascript or general full stack development?
  • 16:21 What is the most exciting thing about teaching programming for both of you?
  • 19:37 What is the most challenging thing you have ever overcome in this field?
  • 21:55 How can junior to mid-level devs make the most out of GitHub Copilot while avoiding getting dependent on it and hurting their abilities in the long run?
  • 26:23 Any tips on driving a culture of code quality in a team?
  • 30:28 How soon should Sentry be brought into a new project being built from scratch?
  • 33:11 Is there a place where I can search through all the Sick Picks?
  • Syntax Sick Picks
  • 34:40 Why is box-sizing: border-box; not the default?
  • 37:51 Is using lodash in a NextJS web application a terrible idea nowadays?
  • 40:42 What is the best practice for storing JWT token?
  • 43:53 Any tips on converting ajax requests to use Fetch API?
  • patch-package - npm
  • 45:11 Any suggestions for tips for updating a very dated React Native codebase?
  • 50:56 SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ×××


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