April 17th, 2023 × #html#css#javascript

Modals, Popups, Popovers, Lightboxes

Discussion on terminology, HTML elements, and implementation details around modal popups, dialogs, and popovers.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk through the differences between modals, popups, popovers, lightboxes, and dialog boxes.

Show Notes

const showButton = document.getElementById('showDialog');
const favDialog = document.getElementById('favDialog');
const outputBox = document.querySelector('output');
const selectEl = favDialog.querySelector('select');
const confirmBtn = favDialog.querySelector('#confirmBtn');

// "Show the dialog" button opens the <dialog> modally
showButton.addEventListener('click', () => {
// "Favorite animal" input sets the value of the submit button
selectEl.addEventListener('change', (e) => {
  confirmBtn.value = selectEl.value;
// "Confirm" button of form triggers "close" on dialog because of [method="dialog"]
favDialog.addEventListener('close', () => {
  outputBox.value = `ReturnValue: ${favDialog.returnValue}.`;

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