March 29th, 2023 × #freelancing#testing#frameworks#functions#learning

Potluck × Testing Animations × Tools for Learning × Coding Related Injuries

In this potluck episode, Scott and Wes answer developer questions about freelancing tips, testing animations, choosing frameworks, writing small functions, learning strategies, and using CSS grid.


In this potluck episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott answer your questions about what to do with client projects, testing animations, evaluating front-end frameworks, tools to use when learning, and coding related injuries.

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Show Notes

  • 00:10 Welcome
  • 00:25 Sponsor: Sentry
  • 01:22 Landscaping update
  • 02:27 What do you do when you are done a client project?
  • 10:09 Should I keep animations in our tests so our tests match prod behavior?
  • 14:05 How does ChatGPT fill the responses to the prompt?
  • 17:14 What is the best way to evaluate and choose a front-end framework for a project?
  • 21:10 Should functions only be used strictly for code that is going to be re-used?
  • 26:03 What kind of tools and processes do you use when learning?
  • Obsidian
  • Roam Research – A note taking tool for networked thought.
  • 30:19 What are your opinions on using "display: grid" simply to be able use the gap property on the elements inside?
  • 33:57 What do you guys think of being a 1-language dev?
  • 36:38 What are some tips you have to push back on requirements from clients?
  • 41:11 Have you guys ever had any coding related stress injuries, like back issues or carpal tunnel?
  • MoErgo Glove80 Wireless Split Ergonomic Keyboard
  • GitHub Next | Hey, GitHub!
  • 48:41 What do you think of using "Feature Flags" in the codebase to enable / disable features at runtime?
  • 51:19 SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ×××


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