December 16th, 2022 × #react#video#programming

Supper Club × Remotion React Video with Jonny Burger

Johnny Burger explains how he created Remotion, a tool for programmatically generating videos with React and common web technologies. He talks about the motivation, technical implementation, and use cases.


In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Jonny Burger about why and how he built Remotion, his app that lets you create MP4 videos using React.

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Today’s episode was sponsored by Gatsby, the fastest frontend for the headless web. Gatsby is the framework of choice for content-rich sites backed by a headless CMS as its GraphQL data layer makes it straightforward to source website content from anywhere. Gatsby’s opinionated, React-based framework makes the hardest parts of building a performant website simpler. Visit Gatsby.dev/Syntax to get your first Gatsby site up in minutes and experience the speed. ⚡️

Tuple - Sponsor

This week’s sponsor is Tuple, an app built specifically for remote pair programming. The app is written in C++ and tuned for high-resolution screen sharing and low-latency remote control. Because developers deserve better than Zoom or Meet for pairing.

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