December 9th, 2022 × #Internal Tools#UX#GraphQL#React

Supper Club × Coding at Disney with Vu Le

Vu Le shares insights into building internal CMS and tools at Disney to manage massive amounts of content and enable complex workflows for Disney Plus, ABC News, National Geographic and more.


In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Vu Le about his path to working at Disney. How did he learn to code? How do you get a job at Disney? What's the tech stack inside a Disney team?

Tuple - Sponsor

This week’s sponsor is Tuple, an app built specifically for remote pair programming. The app is written in C++ and tuned for high-resolution screen sharing and low-latency remote control. Because developers deserve better than Zoom or Meet for pairing.

Show Notes


  • Garden hose connectors

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