October 5th, 2022 × #css#project management#sports

Potluck - Using Emoji in Naming × Project Estimates × Goal Planning

Wes and Scott answer listener questions about using emoji in CSS, estimating project timelines, going to football games, and more.


In this episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott answer your questions about whether you should use emoji in naming grid elements, how to estimate project times, responsive design tips, animating gradient backgrounds, and more.

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Show Notes

  • 00:10 Welcome
  • 01:22 Shooting some pucks at the football game
  • 04:06 Should we use emoji naming conventions for our grid template areas instead of just words?
  • Screenshot of Grid question
  • 08:38 How do you estimate a reliable timeline for a project?
  • 12:18 Do you think about sustainable web development?
  • 16:24 What kind of tips and tricks around responsive design do you have?
  • 18:22 Sponsor: Linode
  • 18:55 How would you go about documenting your achievements throughout your career to reflect on during interviews and employee reviews?
  • 23:33 How do you plan long term for projects or goals?
  • Forever Jobless Goals worksheet
  • 28:22 Can you please make a fundamentals episode that only cares about clarifying the terms everyone assume to be well known to even beginner devs?
  • 22 Buzzwords Explained
  • 31:01 Sponsor: LogRocket
  • 32:20 How would one go about animating a gradient background based on mouse movement?
  • JavaScript 30
  • 38:13 Is there any way using the children API to render the close button and menu items in different locations in the menu component?
  • @Luke_lafr come on the show!
  • 42:04 Where should I begin with design systems?
  • 48:10 Sponsor: Sanity
  • 49:24 Is JSON always safe?
  • 55:01 SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ×××


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