March 16th, 2022 × #auth#api#tooling#tips

Potluck - Handling Auth × Are Web Dev Real Developers? × Handling Git Conflicts × Converting PNG to Box-Shadow × Bad Docs vs No Docs × Making Shopify Headless

Scott and Wes answer listener questions submitted on a variety of web development topics including authentication, motivation, tools, and favorite products.


In this potluck episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott answer your questions about handling auth, are web dev real developers, handling Git conflicts, converting PNG to Box-Shadow, bad docs vs no docs, making Shopify headless, and more.

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Show Notes

  • 00:10 Welcome
  • 01:32 Fool's winter
  • 03:25 How do you handle authentication in an app?
  • 09:42 Responding to people who don't think developers are real developers?
  • 12:21 How do you handle git conflicts in package-lock.json and/or yarn.lock files?
  • 14:42 I built a small project which converts .png images to CSS box-shadow values.
  • Img to Box Shadow
  • 16:37 January 19th, 2038 at 03:14:08 is the end of epoch
  • Office Space
  • 20:31 Sponsor: Sentry
  • 22:44 Should I begin to add PropTypes to my packages and projects?
  • 25:59 What's worse: bad documentation or no documentation?
  • 27:37 How do you find the motivation or discipline to follow through in side projects?
  • 29:48 I need to take an existing Shopify site and make it headless - what should I use?
  • 37:55 Sponsor: Sanity
  • 39:18 You have a ?token= query param and some token value for it. Could you explain a bit more on what is that for?
  • 44:05 Have you thought about selling Syntax.fm shirts?
  • 46:05 Can I migrate my Express routes to Next.js' API and get the same httpOnly cookies workflow?
  • 52:03 Sponsor: Freshbooks
  • 52:52 Sick Picks


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