October 25th, 2021 × #codingmistakes#devfails#softwaregonewrong

Hasty Treat - Hasty Horror Stories

Scott and Wes read funny and cringeworthy stories submitted by developers about mistakes they've made that caused bugs, crashes, and other issues.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about web dev horror stories — real things that have happened to real developers

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Show Notes

03:36 - https://twitter.com/CameronPak/status/1445051951843061767

04:48 - https://twitter.com/susanlangenes/status/1445049321871712257

05:29 - https://twitter.com/DevJordanW/status/1445052979644706823

06:12 - https://twitter.com/HerbieDuah/status/1445088892177108994

07:04 - https://twitter.com/bbbryan14/status/1445400072921956357

07:43 - https://twitter.com/stephendennis30/status/1445074683062362114

07:59 - https://twitter.com/Tim__Moran/status/1445102727701221377?s=20

08:37 - https://twitter.com/SoyAlejandroAl/status/1445063677896450048

09:34 - https://twitter.com/sudonetizen/status/1445132694531231760

11:09 - https://twitter.com/chrislaughlin/status/1445049210840178690?s=20

11:58 - https://twitter.com/sbitaxi/status/1445208793072156675

12:44 - https://twitter.com/AlexHBruns/status/1445067663919755269

13:05 - https://twitter.com/costerad/status/1445069263568580616

14:02 - https://twitter.com/gcnx86/status/1445045635250638853

14:25 - https://twitter.com/JustMetMe_app/status/1445041678167920640

14:47 - https://twitter.com/alanshortis/status/1445048899899645959

15:50 - https://twitter.com/Swizec/status/1445191324215353347

16:17 - https://twitter.com/_RobJohansen/status/1445137057236467722

17:14 - https://twitter.com/fienen/status/1445040513678196743

17:57 - https://twitter.com/TechBill777/status/1445172824822452226

18:54 - https://twitter.com/Zircoz/status/1445041440770252806

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