August 2nd, 2021 × #javascript#webdev#frameworks

Hasty Treat - Git the Latest - New Things In Tech - CoPilot, Petite Vue, Stackblitz, Web3 + More!

Wes and Scott discuss the latest and greatest in web development including GitHub Copilot, Next.js 11, Astro, Notion API, Petite Vue, Stackblitz, Solid JS 1.0, Stately, and Web3.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes launch a new series called Git the Latest — New Things In Tech.

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Show Notes

03:47 - GitHub CoPilot

  • AI-powered autocompletion
  • Not going to take your job

07:18 - Next.js 11

  • Image updates
  • Multiplayer

08:20 - Astro

  • Build faster websites with less client-side JavaScript

09:50 - Notion API

  • Get database
  • Query database
  • Pages
  • Block children

11:27 - Petite Vue

  • Petite Vue is an alternative distribution of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement
  • Similar to Alpine.js
  • Without a build step

13:58 - Stackblitz

  • Node in the browser
  • Not in the cloud
  • Rolled

15:22 - Solid.js

  • Solid is a declarative JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. It does not use a Virtual DOM. Instead, it opts to compile its templates down to real DOM nodes and wrap updates in fine-grained reactions. This way when your state updates only the code that depends on it runs.

16:37 - Stately

  • From the company that made xState

18:05 - Web3

  • Let us know if you want a show about it
  • Ethereum JavaScript API
  • Apps that run on the Blockchain

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