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June 28th, 2021 × #javascript#webdev#proposals

Hasty Treat - Seven Interesting JavaScript Proposals - Async Do, JSON Modules, Immutable Array Methods, and More!

Scott and Wes discuss 7 interesting JavaScript language proposals that may be added in the future, covering new ways to work with modules, dates, async code, arrays, destructuring, and pattern matching.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about seven new JavaScript proposals — what they do, where they're at, and how you might use them.

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Show Notes

03:32 - Seven new JavaScript proposals

06:25 - JSON Modules

09:55 - Array Find From Last

11:40 - Async Do

  • Async do will allow you to group together a block of code and mark it as async.
  • No need for an iife
  • Downside to this is that it's a code block, so if you need to return any values, you'll need to jump that up a scope level.
  async do {
    let result = await fetch('thing A');
    await result.json();
  async do {
    let result = await fetch('thing B');
    await result.json();
]).then(([a, b]) => console.log([a, b]));

14:33 - Change Array By Copy

17:48 - Temporal

18:35 - As Patterns

20:47 - Pattern Matching

<Fetch url={API_URL}>
  {props => match (props) {
    when ({ loading }) { <Loading />; }
    when ({ error }) { <Error error={error} />; }
    when ({ data }) { <Page data={data} />; }

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