March 3rd, 2021 × #desksetup#developergear#codingworkspace

Syntax Desk Setups

In this podcast episode, web developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski discuss their desk setups and gear they use for coding, video editing and podcast recording.


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about their desk setups and how they've evolved, both as coders and video and course creators.

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Show Notes

03:36 - Desk

  • Scott
    • Ikea countertop on Jarvis Legs.
      • Four presets - sit, stand, horse stance, lunge
  • Wes
    • 8' Ikea Butcher Block countertop on legs
    • LackRack on wheels underneath
    • Desk at cottage is Maple Live Edge Slab on Hairpin Legs

09:01 - Chair

15:39 - Display

22:49 - Headphones

  • Scott
  • Wes
    • QC35s w/ Wicked Cushions - wish they charged over Wireless

24:58 - Mouse + Keyboard

29:18 - Laptop

33:43 - Dock + Connecting it all together

41:36 - Camera + Capture

44:11 - Microphone + Capture

49:06 - Lighting

55:22 - Storage / Backup / Home Server

57:50 - Other / Wish list

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