December 28th, 2020 × #hosting#pricing#cloud

Hasty Treat - Hosting + Web Services Pricing Explainer

This episode explains different pricing models for hosting and web services like paying per time used, resources, bandwidth, users, apps, and work performed.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about how hosting and web services pricing works, and how to figure out what you need, and what you don't.

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Show Notes

01:55 - Per minute

  • Spin up, do the work, spin down
  • Popular in serverless space
  • Can apply to other types of computing such as graphics, AI, machine learning, etc.

03:49 - By resources

  • Ram
  • CPU
  • Disk space

06:02 - Per "dyno"

  • These are Heroku Linux servers
  • You can add more dynos and make your app faster
  • They scale it for you

08:54 - By bandwidth

  • Sitting files
  • Inbound (ingress)
  • Output

12:24 - By DB calls or entries

  • Databases

14:04 - By users

  • This is more of a Sass thing, but can bleed into hosting too
  • Seat-based - Netlify does something like this

17:23 - By apps

  • Digital Ocean app platform
  • Each app is $5

21:22 - By "work"

  • Cloudinary does transforms on images
  • Mux

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