October 19th, 2020 × #coding#webdev#tips#stretches#health

Hasty Treat - Stretching For Developers with Scott

Scott discusses various dynamic stretches to help alleviate common issues that developers face from poor posture and overuse, such as back pain, carpal tunnel, rounded shoulders, etc.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about stretching for developers — techniques, misconceptions, and how to feel better.

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Show Notes

03:21 - Devs do the following

  • Head forward looking at screen
  • Shoulders forward
  • Sitting a lot
  • Weak core
  • Carpel tunnel from typing

06:02 - Stretching misconceptions

  • Static holds
  • Dynamic controlled movements first and foremost

07:52 - Stretches to help

  • Dynamic twists
  • Cat / Cow
  • Flat down / Curl up spine
  • Arm hang to decompress spine
  • Wrist stretches and strengthening for carpel tunnel
  • Horse stance at standing desk to be office weird person
  • Shoulder circles
  • Doorway stretches

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