June 24th, 2020 ×

Potluck - Libraries vs Frameworks × Firefox × Career Advice For Teenagers × Who Would Win a Thumb War? × More!


It's another potluck! In this episode, Scott and Wes answer your questions about libraries vs frameworks, Firefox, who would win a thumb war, and more!

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Show Notes

01:37 - Q: Why does React bill itself as a library instead of a framework?

03:14 - Q: Are y'all still using Firefox now that it has been six months?

06:30 - Q: Is it possible to do a hasty treat regarding the Brave browser? Would love to hear your opinion on the tech, view on the approach and why we could need another browser in 2020. Peace!

09:34 - Q: Who would win in a thumb war, Wes or Scott?

10:56 - Q: What are your thoughts on XState and state machines for managing state in apps? I've been super interested in trying to use it, eager to hear what you both think. Also, wondering if you'd have any recommendations on how to use it with Apollo, whether to use XState's internal context to store app state, or use the Apollo cache.

14:53 - Q: Should I start a new project with jQuery or React?

17:21 - Q: I'm a young teen (<16) with a passion for all things web dev. However, without being able to legally have a job, I'm unable to make any money and am therefore running on a $50 Raspberry Pi and a 10+ year old monitor. As much as I love my Pi, just running npm install can be agonizing sometimes, not to mention the amount of space node_modules take up on a device with 16GB of storage! So basically, any pointers on getting income (and practice!) in the web development field when your under 16? And just in general, what advice do you have to young teen learning to code? Thanks in advance! P.S. You know you've got something going when a teenaged boy would rather listen to your podcast than watch Star Wars or Marvel with his friends! ;) So keep up the amazing work.

22:12 - Q: Is it worth my time to learn design patterns in JavaScript?

24:28 - Q: I have a question regarding Figma design to HTML/CSS conversion. When translating the design into code, do you keep the font-size, padding, height of images the same as defined in design or do you take something different? Let's suppose top nav bar is 115px, then do you make it the same as well, or something else?

29:03 - Q: You both are great at technical communication — how do you get better at technical communication when self-learning?

33:06 - Q: What tools (or other methods) do y'all use to manage spinning up new projects with all the assorted directory structures, tools, and configs, you prefer? For example, when I start a new project, these days I like TS, Prettier, ESLint, and want those to play nicely together. I find I'm constantly copying files from one project to the other but haven't found a good abstraction that allows me to setup a new project with the assorted files. Bonus points for a solution that can keep shared configs and deps up to date.

36:10 - Q: I am 26 years old and working a full-time job. I am currently looking at the possibility between work and spending time with my partner. I get maybe an hour a week (maybe two) to focus on learning Javascript. I feel like it is taking me literally forever to get anywhere, and when I do learn something, there is always a better way of doing it! And then when I do sit down and get the time I just feel like I have no direction. Your podcast has been giving me small boosts of motivation, so thanks for that. But is 26 too old to make a move into development?

39:39 - Q: How do you step up a web development project to an enterprise-level? There are so many simple tutorials and quick wins all over the internet, but how do you get more knowledge about bigger enterprise-ready technical stuff. E.g. How to organize a Vue app with >60 different pages? How do you organize the REST-ful API? How do you resolve dependencies between API endpoint 1 and API endpoint 2? How do you share information between multiple components in VUE-State-Management?

42:44 - Q: I've done Wes' NextJS course and he uses Styled Components instead of Next's own styled-jsx. What are your opinions on styled-jsx, and why you do (or do not) use it?


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