May 18th, 2020 × #Svelte#WebDev#Personal Websites

Hasty Treat - Scott's New Personal Website

Scott talks about his new personal website that he built using Svelte and Sapper. He took a relaxed approach and focused on custom animations, brutalist design, and fast performance rather than perfect code.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about Scott's new website!

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Show Notes

02:25 - Relaxed fit development

  • Not concerned with it being perfect
  • Will act as a loose digital garden, so it needs to be flexible
  • Keep my talks and podcast appearances somewhere

04:40 - The stack

  • Svelte / Sapper
  • CSS variables
  • Static generation with markdown
  • No API
  • Hosted on Netlify

08:15 - Why?

  • I dropped that db life in 2015 and never looked back
  • I'm a developer - markdown is good for me
  • I like a playground for ideas, so the new site throws out any idea of formality and dives into being a playground for myself.
  • Full page animations. Orchestration. Fully SSG.
  • Code is painless to add to — adding a blog post is as easy as creating a markdown file

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