April 13th, 2020 × #performance#optimization#speed

Hasty Treat - 5 Things That Make Your Site Slow

Covers 5 things that can slow down your website and how to speed it up: time to first byte, too many requests, large assets, lazy loading, and content delivery networks.


In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about five things that could potentially be making your website slow.

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Show Notes

3:00 - TTFB

  • Slow DNS lookup
  • Server on the other side of the world
  • Slow server processing
  • Network speed back to the browser

6:21 - Requests

  • Too many requests
  • Too large
  • Waterfalling your requests

9:44 - Assets are too large

  • Images are the biggest bloat in a site
  • Compress and optimize via build tool or ImageOptim
  • Make smaller
  • Picture fill for mobile

14:48 - Lazy loading

  • lazy="true"
  • Intersection observer
  • Preload slider images two ahead

18:03 - Not using a CDN

  • What is a CDN?
  • Cloudflare is free, others are very cheap - we used Cloudfront
  • Netlify is free and comes with a CDN

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