September 4th, 2019 ×

Building Steam Games with React


In this episode, Scott and Wes talk with Drew Conley about building games with Javascript.

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Show Notes

1:58 - What is Danger Crew?

5:25 - Did you have a background in game dev before this?

8:36 - What were the initial resources you went to to make a game in React?

10:27 - How much of it is Canvas?

13:06 - What other libraries are you using?

14:00 - How did you lay out the environments?

16:35 - How is text rendered?

22:40 - How did you do all of the animation?

26:08 - What performance issues did you run into?

27:31 - How do you handle user states and saves?

29:21 - Is there any server side aspect?

30:42 - What was the process for creating the level editor?

34:38 - How did you publish the game / wrap it as an executable to sell?

38:16 - How do you update it?

39:43 - How difficult was creating the game logic?

41:20 - The dev theme in the game is super prominent, did that make working on it more fun?


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