July 3rd, 2019 ×

The Fundamentals - HTML + CSS


In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about the "fundamentals" of web development and what you need to know - HTML, CSS foundations and more!

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Show Notes

1:54 - Learning fundamentals vs framework specialists

  • Learning vs getting a job
  • Abstractions work well until they don't and you need to debug them


7:58 - Semantic markup

9:15 - Accessibility basics

9:57 - Attributes


16:13 - Specificity

22:42 - Selectors

24:52 - Layouts

27:53 - Box model

32:50 - Positioning

36:42 - Forms and inputs

40:45 - Block vs inline vs inline-block

43:09 - Sizing units

44:40 - Typography

47:53 - Media Queries


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