May 30th, 2018 ×

VS Code Round Two


Scott and Wes are back with another round of tips, tricks and tasty treats for their favorite code editor, VS Code.

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Show Notes


06:05 - Favorite new updates

  • Notification API
  • Auto Import
  • Listing errors in the file explorer
  • Column Selection
  • Interface Customization
  • Hot Tip: Anytime you find yourself using your mouse, there's likely a shortcut key for what you're trying to do
  • React Snippets Library
  • Wes' VS Code settings
  • Visual Studio Live Share

27:40 - Favorite/New Extensions

38:49 - Themes

40:35 - Tips and Tricks

  • Learn how to jump and select by letter, word, line, etc.
  • Move a line (or Line Bubbling) - Use this for rearranging and/or moving lines of code quickly.
  • Cycling through multiple windows of the same app - If you have multiple VS Code windows open, "Cmd + backtick" will cycle through them, so you don't have to drag them in and out of view.
  • Adjust MacOS keyboard settings - change Key Repeat to "fast" and Delay Until Repeat to "short". This will make your editor super fast when holding down arrow keys.
  • Use Git features
  • Spell Checker - "Cmd + ." will open up code actions and you check for possible misspellings, etc.
  • Rename Symbol - Much more reliable than find/replace.
  • Sort Lines
  • Select everything between quotes - (Cmd + Shift + Space)

57:25 - Things that could be improved

  • Region folding is inconsistent and sometimes doesn't work at all.
  • No easy way to tell which extension is causing CPU performance issues.
  • Sidebar indentation isn't clear.


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