May 2nd, 2018 ×

How to Learn New Things Quickly


Scott and Wes talk about how they learn new things quickly. Scott also tells a crazy story about his weekend.

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Show Notes


  • Scott recounts his crazy story about getting Lymphangitis


  • Know your learning type
  • videos, blogs, docs, source
  • no right or wrong way


  • Foundational Skills


  • Narrow your focus
  • Should you learn Redux with React?
  • blurring skills hurts future progress
  • don't learn too many things at once


  • Get excited
  • try to reclaim your initial excitement
  • flow happens when you are excited
  • pick projects around hobbies
  • Star wars sucks


  • Grind Time
  • write code first ask questions later
  • break shit
  • Submit to yourself that you are going to build this 3-4 times
  • iteration driven development
  • quality from quantity
  • use smarter people
  • snippet libs
  • style guides


  • Immersion
  • follow every kind of media you can
  • put things on in the background
  • permeate into your brain


Shameless Plugs


  • Scott comes out of nowhere with a story about TEA!

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