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Wes Bos

Wes Bos

Full Stack JavaScript Developer. Creator of really good web development courses. BBQ enthusiast.

Scott Tolinski

Scott Tolinski

Web Developer, Creator of Level Up Tuts, Bboy, Robotops Crew and Youtuber

Playing: 037: Recording Screencasts - Hardware, Software, Dos and Don'ts



Mar 14th, 2018

Recording Screencasts - Hardware, Software, Dos and Don'ts

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In this episode, Scott and Wes everything about their recording — from gear to software to tips and tricks for creating a good screencast.

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Show Notes




  • What are the essentials for hardware?
  • Put a t-shirt under your keyboard



  • Making Mistakes
  • Leaving in goof ups and debugging


  • Bad screen recordings
  • What is boring? What is annoying?
  • Recording pet peves
  • Tips for sizing your editor
  • Gross sounds
  • Too many files


  • What makes a good recording?
  • Good contrast on colour scheme
  • Keeping the code open
  • Short recordings


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