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Wes Bos

Wes Bos

XL5G3 Full Stack JavaScript Developer. Creator of really good web development courses. BBQ enthusiast.

Scott Tolinski

Scott Tolinski

Web Developer, NX2V1, Creator of Level Up Tuts, Bboy, Robotops Crew and Youtuber

Playing: 029: Hosting & Servers — Heroku, Now, Galaxy, Digital Ocean, Linode, Docker, Netlify and more!



Jan 24th, 2018

Hosting & Servers — Heroku, Now, Galaxy, Digital Ocean, Linode, Docker, Netlify and more!

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Xojo — Sponsor

Xojo is a cross-platform development tool for creating native apps for desktop, mobile, web and Raspberry Pi.

With Xojo you really can write just one version of your app, say, on the Mac, click a button, and have a completely native Windows version too.

Xojo lets you abstract yourself from specific platform details, so you can focus on what makes your app unique. All apps have completely native controls, even if they weren’t developed on that platform. Just use drag and drop to create your user interface, and one language to program the functionality.

Users also include Fortune 500 companies, citizen developers, professional developers, IT, hobbyists and students - anyone who wants to build apps faster.

Listeners of this show get 20% off with the coupon code SYNTAX over at xojo.com/syntax

Show Notes

  • Take a drink every time Wes says exactly



  • The most basic hosting / services
  • WordPress.org, Medium, Wix, Squarespace


  • Your Cheap PHP/Apache Hosts
  • Endurance International Group owns most of the cheap web hosting world
  • cPanel
  • Bluehost doing shady stuff
  • Siteground seems p good



  • What does "spinning down" mean?
  • Deploying to these services


  • How these services do instant cut-overs to new servers
  • SSL Certificates






  • SPA Apps - React, Angular, Vue...
  • How to handle Routing
  • Netlify


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