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How to get into Speaking At Conferences


Wes talks to Scott about speaking at conferences. What are the benefits of speaking? How do you apply? What talk should you give? What makes a good conference talk?

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The Show Notes

  • Snow Tires are supes important
  • Blizzzzaaaaakkksss!!!


  • Free travel / accommodations / vacation
  • Fantastic Friendships and Industry Connections
  • Job Opportunities
  • Industry Recognition
  • Renewed Excitement

How do you Apply / Where to Find Conferences

Types of Talks you could give

  1. Lessons Learned Talk
  2. The New Concept Talk (the tasty treats talk)
  3. My Approach to XYZ
  4. The Complicated Concepts Explained
  5. The Super Interesting Deep End Talk

What makes a good talk?

  • Skip the history lesson - hook them
  • Keep your personal bio short
  • Start with a banger â€ŧī¸
  • Short Code Examples
  • Short Looping video examples
  • Scott's Origin Story Podcast
  • Make sure your talk works offline
  • Prepare for aspect ratios
  • Plug into the projector before your talk
  • Live that dongle life
  • Show people why they need to know something

Slide Deck Software

Conference Training

  • Training pays well
  • More hands on experience for conf attendees

Getting the Most out of a tech conference

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