Self Host 101 - Office Hours - Losing SSH Access, VPNs, Load Testing, Reverse Proxies and more!

In this video, CJ answers your questions and responds to your comments from the recent video in the Self Host 101 series:

00:00 Intro
00:26 Places to get a cheap VPS
00:52 How do we find the public IP of a VPS?
02:24 Add more public keys to a server
03:41 What happens if we lose our private key?
05:03 Why use a .pem file vs ssh key?
07:52 Can we use a VPN to connect to a VPS?
10:01 How much load can a small VPS handle?
11:24 How to run a node app in production?
13:18 Use scp to copy files to / from a server
14:25 Add 2-factor auth to SSH login
16:05 Automatically block requests with fail2ban
17:45 Use ssh config to set port / user
19:36 Setting the mode of the authorized_keys file
22:12 HTTP Servers like Caddy
23:12 Reverse Proxies Explained
26:31 Protecting Sites with Cloudflare
27:38 Please Comment / Question
28:02 Self-host Sentry
28:40 Thanks!

Places to get a cheap VPS -

Private Networks -

Public vs Private Networks explained -

pem files -

OpenVPN -

WireGuard -

Load Testing Tools -

Nuxt Production Deployment -

scp - Secure Copy Protocol -

scp on tldr -

2-factor Auth on Ubuntu -

YubiKey -

Yubikey SSH -

Yubiky OTP -

fail2ban -

ssh config reference -

Caddy -

nginx -

Apache HTTP -

traefik -

Caddy - Reverse Proxy -

Cloudflare DNS -

Self Hosted Sentry -