What is Open Source?

Scott and CJ dive into the world of open source, breaking down its meaning, benefits, and the various types of licenses you'll encounter. From permissive licenses like MIT and Apache 2.0 to copy-left licenses such as GNU GPLv3, they'll help you choose and apply the right license for your project.

Show Notes

00:00 Welcome to Syntax!
00:54 Brought to you by Sentry.io.
01:56 What is open source?
03:19 This is not legal advice.
03:51 Source available ≠ open source.
06:39 The benefits of open source.
07:26 Educational.
07:52 More Secure.
09:32 Community-oriented.
11:29 Types of licenses.
12:09 Permissive licenses.
12:26 MIT License.
14:37 Apache 2.0 license.
15:31 Copy Left licenses.
15:58 GNU GPLv3.
18:16 Copy Left + permissive.
18:23 (Mozilla Public License) MPL.
19:31 Business licenses.
19:35 Functional Source License.
23:16 Companies using BUSL.
24:41 Server Side Public License (SSPL).
26:56 Choosing and acknowledging licenses.
29:13 Applying a license to your directory.

All links available at https://syntax.fm/786

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