February 5th, 2024 × #front-end#frameworks#server-side

Is HTMX a Joke?

HTMLX is a small library for swapping out parts of your UI with responses from a server. It brings back AJAX and is not a full replacement for React.


Scott and Wes unravel the mysteries of HTMX, exploring the essentials for getting started, its powerful capabilities, limitations, and possible stacks for building primarily server rendered applications.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Welcome
  • 02:07 Brought to you by Sentry.io
  • 02:53 What exactly is HTMX?
  • 04:30 What you need to know before working in HTMX.
    • 04:35 You need a server.
    • 05:35 You'll most likely need a templating engine.
    • 06:42 You most likely do not need as much client-side JS.
    • 08:33 You don't work in JSON
    • 11:15 Not something you can swap out your UI with in a SPA.
    • 11:48 Brings back AJAX
  • 13:32 So, what can it do?
  • 15:20 And what it doesn't do.
    • 18:25 It doesn't do server-side responses.
  • 19:09 What about animations?
  • 19:20 What about CSS?
  • 19:57 What about Web Components?
  • 20:06 What about third-party client-side JS?
  • 20:18 What about WebSockets and SSE?
  • HTMX WebSockets
  • 20:30 What about extensions?
  • HTMX Extensions
  • 21:00 Wes' "bomb" question.
  • 24:16 What Scott likes about HTMX.
  • 25:45 What Scott doesn't like about HTMX.
  • HTMX Multi-Swap
  • 30:33 Hype, Meta Framework.
  • Hype

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