May 27th, 2022 × #javascript#frameworks#startups

Supper Club × RedwoodJS with Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner, founder of GitHub, discusses his work on RedwoodJS, an opinionated fullstack JS framework to help developers build and scale web apps faster.


In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Tom Preston-Werner about his work on RedwoodJS, the importance of documentation, and the new Redwood Startup Fund.

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Whiskey Web and Whatnot is different than your typical dev podcast. We show a lighter, more human side of developers you know and love, like a fireside chat with your favorite devs. Past guests include Tom Preston-Werner, Kent C. Dodds, Charlie Gerard, and of course Wes Bos! We have discussed everything from Next.js and TypeScript to Chuck’s past life as a blackjack dealer, Cincinnati Chili, the best casseroles, and of course whiskey!

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